Ever since the idea was born to create Zam Barrett Dialogue, the mission of our company was simple: to create artisanal type clothing through non-industrialized processes for a client that stood apart from the mainstream trendy and consumerist mindset of modern fashion. Today we remain faithful and unwavering in carrying on this objective.

Our collections are realized by drawing inspiration from the tri-pillars of Historical, Religious and Philosophical concepts; as such they are infused with a level of symbolism and creativity that gives greater meaning and interest to the products beyond the pure utilitarian and adornment purposes of traditional garments.

Zam Barrett Dialogue is a continuous process of creation and refinement of ideas, which are born in part from communication between us as creators and our clients as the end users of the products we make. We propose, suggest, and encourage, from this our clients chose according to their desires. It is in part through this dialogue between creator and client that the creations are yielded; as such our work is to be viewed as collaboration of sorts.

At Zam Barrett Dialogue, our products are made predominantly from some of the best natural materials around, fabrications such as wools, silks, cottons, linens and leather. The items we make are intentionally imperfect as they are made for human beings, by human beings. It is in this spirit that we design them to reflect the beautiful imperfections that are to be found in our collective humanity. If we could use a phrase to describe what we do, we would term the aesthetic of Zam Barrett Dialogue “Philosophic Minimalism” as the items themselves are in part created by asking fundamental questions about our humanity, existence and being then communicating those in as minimal a language as necessary.

Autumn of 2011 marked a significant step in our journey, as it brought forth the realization of ZFactorie. This is our laboratory, our studio, our factory where all our clothing and accessories are designed and made by a team of skilled artisans and tailors. Their singular objective is the creation of clothing purely by the skill of their own hands combined with their knowledge of artisanal techniques, as opposed to the traditional industrialized processes that has become standard in modern garment making.

It is our desire to repair the breach created by industrialization, in removing the skill and artistry of garment making from the hands and heart of local artisans and placing into soulless automated processes. We know we may not be able to reverse this course, but at least we can provide you a place where products are made that posses real soul and meaning you can incorporate into your life and genuinely appreciate. At least we can give you a choice.